Got 5 Minutes? Learn a New Skill – Week 10

One of the best kept secrets in network marketing is the fact that it is a skill-based business. Every month, people start network marketing businesses with the best of intentions. People want to have success and many want to help others do the same. Why is it then that many people still fail to reach their income goals and some even struggle to break even after they’ve invested in the monthly cost of doing business and purchased product and tools, etc. Some people struggle on and keep hoping for things to somehow work out. They eventually quit because they just don’t get the ROI they need in order to keep going.

It is quite evident in other professions the path that needs to be taken when something new is started. For example, if you take two highly paid and highly skilled professionals. One is a neurological surgeon and the other is a cardiac surgeon. Could these two surgeons decide to walk into each others offices and do the other’s job for the next couple of weeks? They are both extremely skilled at what they do. Of course not! Why is it then that most people either don’t know they need to, or don’t take the time to acquire some skills when it comes to network marketing. If you want good income from your network marketing business, it must be treated like a business. Skills are needed . . . Continue reading “Got 5 Minutes? Learn a New Skill — Week 10”