Your Thought Life – Week 7

Would it be okay if I asked you a couple of questions? Are you actively aware of the thoughts that you allow to remain unchecked in your mind on a daily basis? Do you know that while you might not be able to control what pops into your mind, you definitely have control over what you allow to remain there?

Addressing this issue regarding your thought life is crucial in your quest for success. Most successful individuals already know that managing oneself is vitally important to attaining any worthwhile success. A key element in this process is learning how to control what you allow to remain in your mind. This is important because what you allow to remain in your mind, is usually what you end up thinking and meditating upon whether you realize it or not. Over a period of time, these thoughts will shape your beliefs, which in turn will dictate your actions, for better or for worse. Continue reading “Your Thought Life — Week 7”