“Persistence is a By-Product of 4 Small Habits” by Mark J – Week 24


Is there a self-help book that does not hammer on persistence?

What a yawn fest…..talk about a load of crap.

Hang in there! Don’t Quit!

Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win!

Gimme a break…….these great statements feel good but do they really do any good?

What are they trying to convey?



Sadly, these expressions are kind of like a warm bath.

A warm bath feels pretty good when you first get in but let’s face it, in the end you are sitting in a puddle of dirty, cold water. Continue reading ““Persistence is a By-Product of 4 Small Habits” by Mark J — Week 24″

“Time Management? It’s a Waste of Time” by Mark J – Week 3


Most people agree that they’d like more time in the day. Folks seem to think that would make a difference.

It will not. There are 24 hours in a day and there is no question if we suddenly had 36 hours a day that we’d be right back asking for another 12 because the problem is not how many hours there are in a day…….it’s me.

I really felt for years that managing my time better would improve results.

  • Made changes….
  • Rearranged the desk
  • Implemented systems
  • Been through the ‘aligning priorities’ stuff
  • Got different planners
  • Read all kinds of stuff about managing time.

It simply does not work….I know that and deep down inside you probably know that too.

I felt once someone learned the skills to succeed in their business all they had to do was learn to manage time.

Time for wifey, the kids, worship, fun, hobbies…..never what I wanted it to be….never enough time.

ONE SENTENCE CHANGED MY WORLD Continue reading ““Time Management? It’s a Waste of Time” by Mark J — Week 3″