“Refining The Vision” by Jim McGregor – Week 12

By Jim McGregor – December 6, 2010

When we first started in the master keys we did not know what was going to happen. Sometimes the exercises seemed trivial and sometimes the repetition seemed pointless. I can see now how important it is to lay a great foundation for the master keys program because NOW the rubber is starting to really meet the road. Not only is the Definite Major Purpose (DMP) becoming more and more the reality it is supposed to be, I am actually seeing the reality of the thought becoming a reality in well, physical reality…

When I first started to do my DMP, I was trying to follow instructions and I see now I was treating it more as a class assignment. I needed to make sure it came out to the satisfaction of the class leader. Then as time went on, I understood that I needed to make sure that the DMP was a real plan for my future, a plan I really wanted to believe was going to happen. Continue reading ““Refining The Vision” by Jim McGregor — Week 12″