Changing Habits to Improve Yourself by Tracy Sitchen

Posted on May 27, 2011 by Tracy Sitchen

Whether it’s about giving up smoking or learning to be more patient with others, most of us have habits we want to change. The actual process of changing habits, well, that’s another story. Entire books have been written on the subject and hit the bestseller list. When boiled down, however, all of these self-help volumes come down to three basic tenets:

Think baby steps

Believe you can fly all you want, but actually changing a dozen hard-hitting habits overnight is a feat few have accomplished. Change is gradual; violent change can have destructive consequences. An example, by cutting out sweets and carbs entirely out of one’s diet at once is a recipe for a later binge or even an eating disorder.

Instead of vowing to wake up three hours earlier every day, start with half an hour or even ten minutes every week. Decide to change just one habit at a time; by the time you have made or unmade a new habit, you’ll know that it’s possible and be ready to take on your next challenge.

How long does it take to form a habit? Thirty days? Twenty-eight? The truth is that no psychologist knows for sure or are willing to tell you. Changing habits takes a different amount of time for everyone under different circumstances. There is no magic number. All you can do is read the rest of this post and strive to change one habit at a time, over time. Continue reading “Changing Habits to Improve Yourself by Tracy Sitchen”

Clarity of Purpose with Successful Empowerment by Diane Norris – Week 21

So many women today are looking for successful empowerment & starting a business because they’re seeking  to earn an extra $1,000 – $2,000 a month.  If this sounds familiar, your clarity of purpose needs to be more than just about the money; it needs to be a passion within you.  Do you feel like something is missing from your life and your business? Are  you searching?

You need to visualize in your mind where you want your business to be 5 years from now and then operate and create the business as if you’re already there.  As women, we need to think and say, “I am the CEO of my own business” and not be afraid to say that. This thought needs to be the spiritual empowerment that is the foundation for the purpose of an entrepreneur to find the problem and solve it. Your purpose needs to be more passionate than just making money. Continue reading “Clarity of Purpose with Successful Empowerment by Diane Norris — Week 21”

“What a Relief” by Ken Stults – Week 14

I know that I need to share this, but also know that sharing this puts me in a very vulnerable position.

My networking business is relatively new, and so it doesn’t bring in much income as yet (but that IS changing!!).  My JOB (remember that stands for “Just Over Broke”) is commission-based.  Well, in December I received the lowest commission checks that I have EVER received.  My check on the first of the month wasn’t even enough to pay my mortgage, let alone my other obligations. Continue reading ““What a Relief” by Ken Stults — Week 14″

“Master Key Freedom Train” by Diane Norris – Week 13

What a difference a night of reflection makes on one’s self image.

How refreshing is the warmth of the sun on a new morning with renewed vision! I have revived myself & the choice was mine. This is a beautiful new day, new week!

Such a powerful call last night. Mark, the picture you painted of throwing all in the trash, ripped my heart wide open. I saw my own dreams reduced to rubble & my heart screamed out in pain. And then Davene, your heart spoke volumes to me, as I received your life pumping words of affirmation & renewing of my own heart. This was, without a doubt, the best call & the finality of fireworks & ending of 2010 with an explosion! A dynamic call!!! Continue reading ““Master Key Freedom Train” by Diane Norris — Week 13″

“Refining The Vision” by Jim McGregor – Week 12

By Jim McGregor – December 6, 2010

When we first started in the master keys we did not know what was going to happen. Sometimes the exercises seemed trivial and sometimes the repetition seemed pointless. I can see now how important it is to lay a great foundation for the master keys program because NOW the rubber is starting to really meet the road. Not only is the Definite Major Purpose (DMP) becoming more and more the reality it is supposed to be, I am actually seeing the reality of the thought becoming a reality in well, physical reality…

When I first started to do my DMP, I was trying to follow instructions and I see now I was treating it more as a class assignment. I needed to make sure it came out to the satisfaction of the class leader. Then as time went on, I understood that I needed to make sure that the DMP was a real plan for my future, a plan I really wanted to believe was going to happen. Continue reading ““Refining The Vision” by Jim McGregor — Week 12″