“Master Key Freedom Train” by Diane Norris – Week 13

What a difference a night of reflection makes on one’s self image.

How refreshing is the warmth of the sun on a new morning with renewed vision! I have revived myself & the choice was mine. This is a beautiful new day, new week!

Such a powerful call last night. Mark, the picture you painted of throwing all in the trash, ripped my heart wide open. I saw my own dreams reduced to rubble & my heart screamed out in pain. And then Davene, your heart spoke volumes to me, as I received your life pumping words of affirmation & renewing of my own heart. This was, without a doubt, the best call & the finality of fireworks & ending of 2010 with an explosion! A dynamic call!!! Continue reading ““Master Key Freedom Train” by Diane Norris — Week 13″