Clarity of Purpose with Successful Empowerment by Diane Norris – Week 21

So many women today are looking for successful empowerment & starting a business because they’re seeking  to earn an extra $1,000 – $2,000 a month.  If this sounds familiar, your clarity of purpose needs to be more than just about the money; it needs to be a passion within you.  Do you feel like something is missing from your life and your business? Are  you searching?

You need to visualize in your mind where you want your business to be 5 years from now and then operate and create the business as if you’re already there.  As women, we need to think and say, “I am the CEO of my own business” and not be afraid to say that. This thought needs to be the spiritual empowerment that is the foundation for the purpose of an entrepreneur to find the problem and solve it. Your purpose needs to be more passionate than just making money. Continue reading “Clarity of Purpose with Successful Empowerment by Diane Norris — Week 21”

Improve Yourself, Improve Your Life – Week 20

Not many of us would say there aren’t things in ourselves or our lives that we’d change if we could. The great news is that change is absolutely possible. Change is a process, so expect to exercise a little patience as you go. We’ll talk about a few things you can do right away to empower and improve yourself, but having a focus and a clarity of purpose is vital. You can begin today to take some steps to improve yourself and thereby improve your life. It’s really about getting the slight edge to work for you. The slight edge is simple disciplines repeated over time working for you or against you. Are your daily actions or disciplines moving you towards your goal, or moving you away from it? Continue reading “Improve Yourself, Improve Your Life — Week 20”