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By Bora Kim, WDIV Local 4 News

Bora Bora, French Polynesia – It definitely took some creative arranging of schedules, but I finally managed to snag an interview with Kathy Zimmer in one of the most scenic areas on the planet, Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

The weather in Bora Bora in June was perfect. It was a very comfortable day, warm with a breeze. And did I mention the view? It was magnificent everywhere your gaze rested. As we sat down for the interview in these ultra lush, tropical surroundings, I just had to ask Kathy why she chose to come here to Bora Bora every year with her friends and family.

But before I was able to get to my first question, Kathy asked if I had a chance to have lunch yet. “No, not yet, I responded.” Perfect, she said, let’s head down the beach to the buffet I had set up for us. When we arrived at the buffet, there was every kind of fruit you could imagine, and even a few I had never seen before. There was also quite the selection of local delicacies like barbecued lobster and Polynesian salad that I couldn’t wait to try. A private chef was on hand to prepare the fresh fish which had just been caught. It was a meal that I will not soon forget. Then I remembered why I was here in this paradise in the first place. Now back to work.

Kathy is a Success Coach as well as a top rep with a network marketing company. Kathy is known in the industry for coaching and supporting people who have a desire to succeed in network marketing. She says it has always been her goal to help others and see them become successful as well.

Kathy, thank you for the lunch, it was definitely one of the most colorful and exotic lunches I have ever had. “My pleasure, I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Kathy said.

“First, I’d like to ask you, Kathy, why you come here every year. Granted, it’s amazingly scenic, but why Bora Bora?” I asked. “Well, aside from the physical beauty of the place, Bora Bora just has a magical feel about it that is really hard to put into words. I would try to describe it as being transported to another time and place, all your worries and cares dissolve while you’re here. You get to relax and have fun and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. I just love it here,” Kathy said.

Next, I really wanted to know how Kathy was able to achieve the success she did. I had been trying to get this interview with her for quite some time. I am doing my own version of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” (although mine will be scaled down a bit). Kathy was on my list of successful networkers who had achieved massive success and shared what she’s learned with others so they could be successful as well.

“Kathy, please tell me, if you will, what you consider to be the most important element that people need to be successful?” Kathy didn’t need to to ponder that question. “There are actually 3 important elements one needs to achieve success. They are an authentic, well-defined and written “definite major purpose” or DMP, an internal blueprint that is programmed for success, and OATS. OATS is an acronym for objective, action, time and schedule, in essence it’s one’s plan of action for the week. You know what they say, if it isn’t written and scheduled, it isn’t true.”

“Wow, I said, that sounds like some work is involved before one can achieve the success they desire.” “Yes and no,” Kathy said. “There is definitely some work involved, however, success is a journey and as you work on yourself and your skills, success will come as you continue to grow as a person and refine your skill-set. I will say that it does take some consistent effort on a person’s part to change their internal blueprint and program themselves for success, but it’s definitely not a difficult thing to accomplish. Consistency is the key in changing one’s mindset from that of an amateur, to that of a professional.

Kathy continued, “I would, however, like to give credit where credit is due. Here I sit on this beautiful island, and the couple that was instrumental in my ‘success education’ also had as their dream to one day live on an island. That couple, Davene Grant and Mark Januszewski, now live on the beautiful island of Kauai along with their family. Without their personal mentoring, I don’t know that I would have achieved this level of success.”

“Kathy, I want to thank you very much for your time and the wonderful lunch you shared with me. I won’t forget your hospitality and the words of wisdom you shared.” “You’re welcome, Kathy said, it was my pleasure.”

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  1. Kathy, this is a very well written press-release. As you read it, you can almost put yourself in Bora Bora and hear Kim discussing your business with you. The pictures are beautiful as well as your subject.

  2. Also, I’m having a moment because not only have I been looking into Legal Shield, but I cut out a picture of those huts in Bora Bora a long time ago. It’s been in my “need to file” pile for 3 yrs but I never thought that I would ever go there. With the help of people like you, Davene & Mark J, I’m re-writing this blueprint. I’m already there in my mind, can’t wait.

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