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If you’re in network marketing, you need to know about the many home-based business tax advantages (HBBTA) that are available to you as a home-based business owner. This is valuable information that every networker needs to know.

Learn how you can save on your taxes and leverage this important information to enroll more reps into your networking business…



Yes. The word is magic…but…our passion, which drives our business and drives us can, in most cases, create a blind spot…and that can cost us a lot of ‘yeses’ and a lot more money. Why? Because once we believe in what we’re doing, we can easily forget that we were skeptical…at least we acted like we were. In truth, we all have some level of fear before we enroll, but once we do and get committed…..the ‘built-in forgetter‘ kicks in and we develop a blind spot.

If you ‘get’ this video and do a tiny bit of research, you’ll sponsor more people:

By eliminating financial risk in a prospects mind and putting peeps who enroll in positive cash flow……instantly…….you’ll sponsor more people and so will the folks on your team.

It makes joining a ‘no brainer.”


Sound business decisions are made based on the Risk-to-Ratio…
High risk, low reward? Pass
Low risk, medium reward? Strong consideration

No financial risk and great reward potential? The answer is always ‘yes.’

I mean, really……if you knew you had zero financial risk, would instantly be in positive cash flow of $200-$400 a month…..would you hesitate?

Of course not.
Neither will your prospect.


The successful person simply does the things that the unsuccessful person makes a conscious decision not to do.

Once I understood my blind spot…….that most people who review information and have a reason to join but don’t…… was based on 2 basic fears……failure and financial loss…….and discovered the HBBTA [Home based Business Tax Advantage]…..it was easy to sponsor more and enrollments jumped team-wide dramatically.

We simply did what successful people do….followed through on this discovery with a little research so we could help people join risk-free financially……and so we could teach it to people on our teams.

Risk to reward ratioOnce you eliminate the financial fear……most of the psychological fear vanishes….but a simple sentence and a question tips them to a ‘yes’…..every time.

Eliminate risk for prospects and your group will sponsor more.

“Harry, now that you know you’ll be in positive cash flow from day one with the HBBTA, would it be OK with you if I explained this to 20-30 people for you so you could get paid?” The answer is always ‘yes.’

“And Harry…..would it be OK with you if I kept working with you until you felt confident, competent and comfortable in explaining this to others?” Always ‘yes’ again.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the home-based business tax advantages in the past, watch the video below and begin today. Add this amazing ‘fear buster’ to some simple network marketing skills and you and your team will be sponsoring more people….and not a single one will ever lose 10 cents.


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Note: If you don’t have a home-based business yet, go here for more info: 5 Hours


Every week you wait to start a home-based business, you’re throwing away $100!

Ron Mueller is one of the best tax strategists in my opinion. His strategies are compliant for both the U.S. and Canada. Ron’s book, “Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy,” was reviewed by the IRS and found to be fully compliant. The book is written in plain English that anyone can understand and apply. Get the book here.

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