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A note from Mark J – The World’s Laziest Networker:

Thanks for stopping by to check out Go90Grow. Go90Grow is a 90-day online Skills Course for networkers. I’m really bummed I missed the chance to work with you this time around. Every available spot and scholarship was taken. To thank you for your support, I want to make sure you get FIRST notification of the next Go90Grow Course when it launches again.

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Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker


Read what people are saying about the Go90Grow Course:

Hey Mark,
I tried the “Most People Skill” for the first time and it worked the first time. A prospect had told my upline and I on a 3-way call yesterday that she loved the product, but wasn’t really interested in the business. I used the MPS to see if I could get her to listen to our 7-min. sizzle call just for practice. She listened! This is huge to me because for years I have struggled to get folks to review the information even when they said they would. I intend to master this skill and use it in all aspects of my life. Awesome. Thank you for the great training!

Tom Dorian – Memphis, TN

My team has seen success in warm market meetings where heads turn as we use the opening, “Everybody knows…” and no one can help but stop and listen! Also since sharing this training, my team is more enthusiastic than ever in starting over in our biz. Most of them were very discouraged and now they love this new training, in talking on the phone and in their warm market. This is huge for us! We cannot thank you enough for the privilege of attending your Go90Grow program.

Mary Guariglia – Long Island, NY

Hi Mark,
After all the years I finally found a training that will help my downline grow. I consider myself to be a kind of salesperson and was wondering why my downline partners never had real success even when I did a lot of training and coaching. Just from the 101 Course I learned I need to get on the other side of the table, to become a non-salesperson! That gave me a complete paradigm shift and I’m very excited and waiting for the next training and coaching.

Axel Grohs – Berlin, Germany

I just wanted to thank you so much by blessing me with the Go90Grow program. Wow! I am learning so much that I have even started to apply it in my business and have been getting positive results! I will forever be grateful. You guys rock! Mark J has completely changed my business!

Jeff Ruano – Orlando, FL

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