Your Dream Board – Week 8

If you’re like most of us, you have certain goals or dreams that are important to you. No doubt you’ve written these down in various forms over the years. Have you ever taken the time to create a visual of some of the more important goals you hope to accomplish? A dream board is a great way to have your goals or dreams before you where you’ll see them every day.

Dream Board

I want to mention a few key elements that should be placed on your board. The first element is a compass of some sort. Either a picture of a compass, or an actual one will do. The reason for the compass is to remind you to stay on course. It’s not about keeping track of time . . . or clock watching, if you will. If you’ve written out your Definite Major Purpose, Personal Pivotal Needs, and OATS (see previous posts), then the compass on your dream board is to remind you that you’re headed toward your clearly defined goals. It’s a directional thing, rather than a case of “what time is it” various times throughout the day. Continue reading “Your Dream Board — Week 8”

Your Thought Life – Week 7

Would it be okay if I asked you a couple of questions? Are you actively aware of the thoughts that you allow to remain unchecked in your mind on a daily basis? Do you know that while you might not be able to control what pops into your mind, you definitely have control over what you allow to remain there?

Addressing this issue regarding your thought life is crucial in your quest for success. Most successful individuals already know that managing oneself is vitally important to attaining any worthwhile success. A key element in this process is learning how to control what you allow to remain in your mind. This is important because what you allow to remain in your mind, is usually what you end up thinking and meditating upon whether you realize it or not. Over a period of time, these thoughts will shape your beliefs, which in turn will dictate your actions, for better or for worse. Continue reading “Your Thought Life — Week 7”

Your PPN’s … Freedom and True Wealth – Week 6

I finally managed to determine my two PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) that we were asked to put into place as we were writing our Definite Major Purpose. Your Personal Pivotal Needs are very important because they are the basic underpinnings of your written Definite Major Purpose as outlined by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

I ended up changing my PPN’s several times because the ones I chose just didn’t feel right. I kept looking at the list of PPN’s over and over. I desired all of them in my life. To have to settle on two primary PPN’s was a difficult thing. It took much soul searching to finally decide on the PPN of Liberty. It felt completely right, the only problem was, it was just one of the two I needed. Back to more soul searching…. then it hit me. TRUE WEALTH… just really resonated with me. It wasn’t even on the list, but I  knew it was what I truly wanted. Continue reading “Your PPN’s … Freedom and True Wealth — Week 6”

Don’t Struggle … Just Program Yourself For Success – Week 5

Most of us really want to be successful, but try as we may, success seems to be more or less a constant struggle in spite of written goals and the implementation of daily action steps. To the outside world, others may not really be aware of the struggle you’re going through that largely takes place in your own heart and mind.

This internal struggle or resistance may have been going on for quite some time. No matter what you try, the results come out pretty much the same. But things can really change for you and you can actually have the success you truly desire. It will take some effort on your part, but it’s definitely not a difficult thing to accomplish. Continue reading “Don’t Struggle … Just Program Yourself For Success — Week 5”

Duplication is Your Key to Success – Week 4

If you desire success in your network marketing business, you’ll need to consider a few crucial elements. First of all don’t worry, none of this is complicated. If you’ll follow some basic principles of success, you will see your business grow. There are 3 factors that you need to keep in mind that will determine where you are in 5 years: your skill set, your mindset & work ethic, and who you hang out with. The post entitled “Your DMP & OATS” is where you need to begin. You need to have these two elements in place before you begin your journey to success. Your Definite Major Purpose (DMP) is your “blueprint” to build the success you desire. It cannot be overlooked. When someone wants to build a bridge, for example, a very detailed and specific blueprint is needed, or no bridge will be built (or one that you would want to drive across anyway). Make your DMP as crystal clear as you can. When you speak it out loud 3 times per day, it trains your subconscious mind that this is what needs to happen and forces are set in motion which lead to your desired results. Your OATS is your action plan to acquire your DMP. Continue reading “Duplication is Your Key to Success — Week 4”

“Time Management? It’s a Waste of Time” by Mark J – Week 3


Most people agree that they’d like more time in the day. Folks seem to think that would make a difference.

It will not. There are 24 hours in a day and there is no question if we suddenly had 36 hours a day that we’d be right back asking for another 12 because the problem is not how many hours there are in a day…….it’s me.

I really felt for years that managing my time better would improve results.

  • Made changes….
  • Rearranged the desk
  • Implemented systems
  • Been through the ‘aligning priorities’ stuff
  • Got different planners
  • Read all kinds of stuff about managing time.

It simply does not work….I know that and deep down inside you probably know that too.

I felt once someone learned the skills to succeed in their business all they had to do was learn to manage time.

Time for wifey, the kids, worship, fun, hobbies…..never what I wanted it to be….never enough time.

ONE SENTENCE CHANGED MY WORLD Continue reading ““Time Management? It’s a Waste of Time” by Mark J — Week 3″

Your Internal Blueprint – Week 2

The first step in achieving any worthwhile success in your business or life is to make sure that you have an authentic written “definite major purpose.” What is your goal? What do you really want? Maybe you’re like most of us who sincerely desire success, but real success always seems to be happening to other people, but not to you. Do you ever feel resistance from within as you start to move towards your goal? Is it a struggle to stay consistent with the actions you know you need to do in order to be successful? If this applies to you, most likely you have an internal “blueprint” that is not programmed for success. Maybe you’ve taken the time to attend business meetings, seminars, conference calls, and webinars to learn strategy after strategy, but still you struggle. You even know all the “success ideas” such as – write down your goals and stick them up all over the house, or attend all the weekly calls and trainings that your company has, or my personal favorite – make sure you have “a why that makes you cry.” Continue reading “Your Internal Blueprint — Week 2”

Your DMP & OATS – Week 1

There are two elements that you need to have in order to achieve big success. Too often, even well-intentioned and talented people leave success to chance. They may know what they want, but it isn’t truly clearly defined on paper. Much of what they want and the plan of action to acquire it, is still in their head. You may have written down your goals numerous times in different forms, but do you have a well-defined and written “definite major purpose” (DMP) as mentioned in the previous post? Let’s begin with that.

First of all, determine what you really want or need. Not what someone else wants for you, what you truly want. That item or items is your DMP. Next, you must decide what you will give in return to acquire this, as there is no such thing as “something for nothing.” Is TV taking too much of your time? Are you spending time with negative people that would hinder you from attaining your DMP? The last step in defining your DMP is to write out the date that you intend to achieve it, emotionalize it, state it in the present tense (as if its already happened) and be specific. Continue reading “Your DMP & OATS — Week 1”