7 Ways To Market Yourself Within an Ezine by Ali Brown

Posted on April 28, 2011 by Ali Brown

Recent studies confirm that consumers and business  owners alike still prefer email marketing as the  #1 way of communicating about their new products  and services. But for the most part, only retail chains like J. Crew and Bluefly.com can get away with  straight promotional newsletters.

For the small business owner or solo-preneur, the ezine rules. It’s a bit more tactful and delivers a mix of insightful, practical content WITH your promotional updates and info.

Here are seven simple ways to marketing yourself in your ezine:

1. Make sure your MAIN ARTICLE always provides information that your readers will find valuable.

By having a main article as the foundation of your issue, readers will feel they got what they came for — helpful information. Try a list of top 10 tips, a “how-to” article, a list of resources, a review of a trend in the industry, etc. Continue reading “7 Ways To Market Yourself Within an Ezine by Ali Brown”

7 Simple Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read by Ali Brown

Posted on April 21, 2011 by Ali Brown

Many of us have had to write an article at one time  or another, be it for a blog or a newsletter. But no  matter the purpose, it’s your responsibility to  make it interesting—otherwise no one will read it.  (Except you.)

So how can you make your article interesting and engage your reader?

It’s all about the ANGLE.

First pick your topic. For example, let’s say your topic is something many people would consider boring… “microwaves.” What aspect of microwaves do you want to write about? Is there anything new or sexy in the world of microwaves that people are interested in?

Some ideas: how the new generation of microwaves helps retain more nutrients more than ever, OR, an overview of the best five brands of microwaves on the market, OR what the best type of microwave for your particular diet and lifestyle. These are all angles.

Below, are seven article “formulas” to get you started on angle ideas and get your creative juices flowing. (Some elements of each may overlap with each other, but each formula is truly a distinct animal.) Continue reading “7 Simple Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read by Ali Brown”

Using the Power of Thought to Improve Yourself – Week 26

If you believe you can, you can.

Sounds simple, right?

The problem for most people is that it works just as simple in the reverse. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t do the activities you need to do to be successful, or do them consistently enough. Like it says in Proverbs 23:7 . . . as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

What you think about yourself is very important. Your thoughts are powerful. They are actually containers that carry either good things or bad things. Discard all thoughts and self-talk that aren’t productive towards your success. Feed your heart and mind with things that will make a positive change in your life.

Your belief shows up in your actions

If you find yourself stuck, making excuses or otherwise procrastinating, your belief in yourself to succeed is very small. Your belief always shows up in your actions, or inaction. You have the mindset of an amateur and little faith in yourself, if you’re not doing the activities you know you need to do to be successful. Work on believing in yourself and learn to develop the habits of a professional. Personal growth development should be ongoing in your journey towards success. Continue reading “Using the Power of Thought to Improve Yourself — Week 26”

“7 Things Leaders Have in Common ~ Got Them? 100 Rags to Riches Interviewed” by Mark J – Week 25


Written by Peter Han, a Harvard grad…..and the result of interviewing over 100 ‘Nobodies who became Somebodies…..is the resource, not an opinion.  It is a great piece of work for anyone who wants to know…..what does leadership mean?


What is very cool is folks who understand leadership attributes seem to be better leaders…..I know that may sound like I am stating the obvious but the truth is too much of the time people rely on ‘ability’ or ‘copy’ other leaders…..thinking it is a good thing…..and, honestly….it may be, but it’s unlikely to be a great thing.

That is the interesting question…..what are you….what am I doing to learn to lead.

While there are some good books out there, nothing, and I am sure you’d agree, is better than folks who went from rags to riches. Peter Han writes about those folks….everything from entertainers to politicians……just a fabulous mix of personalities…..and this is what they have in common… Continue reading ““7 Things Leaders Have in Common ~ Got Them? 100 Rags to Riches Interviewed” by Mark J — Week 25″

“Persistence is a By-Product of 4 Small Habits” by Mark J – Week 24


Is there a self-help book that does not hammer on persistence?

What a yawn fest…..talk about a load of crap.

Hang in there! Don’t Quit!

Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win!

Gimme a break…….these great statements feel good but do they really do any good?

What are they trying to convey?



Sadly, these expressions are kind of like a warm bath.

A warm bath feels pretty good when you first get in but let’s face it, in the end you are sitting in a puddle of dirty, cold water. Continue reading ““Persistence is a By-Product of 4 Small Habits” by Mark J — Week 24″

Leadership Attributes For Personal Empowerment – Week 23

Let’s talk about you and some leadership attributes. Are you already bored? Me too. That’s why this is not going to be one of “those” posts. They are all over the internet. Some of them are very good, and some aren’t. This one is about you, your ego, and your bank account. We will be focusing on network marketing, but these elements will be applicable to almost any business in which you’re trying to succeed, i.e. earning some serious money for a change.

The first thing you need to look at is yourself. Why? Because if you’re not earning what you want to be earning, it’s usually because you’re not managing yourself and your actions. It’s having a professional mindset vs. a poverty mindset. After an honest evaluation of yourself and your actions, if you’ve had a poverty mindset, you can change it in a New York minute. Make a decision. Do you want things to be different? Yes or No. If yes, then you need to do things differently and learn to manage yourself. Easier said then done? Probably, but remember this. Do things always have to be easy and risk-free before you can do them? Of course not. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and have been in debt for some time, is that easy and without any risk? Continue reading “Leadership Attributes For Personal Empowerment — Week 23”

Network Marketing Tips with Positive Daily Affirmations by Josh Tuttle – Week 22

Starting a new project can be exciting but also a little overwhelming. This is a common experience with new people in network marketing. Suddenly they are challenged to get out of their comfort zones and step into the unknown to achieve their objectives. Often another issue arises as well in the results because of inconsistencies in a persons mind regarding building their business or making money. They begin to sabotage their results because of the programming in their subconscious mind. It’s time to address these predicaments that new network marketers face.

A frequent topic that I have covered throughout this blog is the importance and power of thought. The master key system states, “the fact remains that if your thoughts are powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business, and your environment.” Continue reading “Network Marketing Tips with Positive Daily Affirmations by Josh Tuttle — Week 22”

Clarity of Purpose with Successful Empowerment by Diane Norris – Week 21

So many women today are looking for successful empowerment & starting a business because they’re seeking  to earn an extra $1,000 – $2,000 a month.  If this sounds familiar, your clarity of purpose needs to be more than just about the money; it needs to be a passion within you.  Do you feel like something is missing from your life and your business? Are  you searching?

You need to visualize in your mind where you want your business to be 5 years from now and then operate and create the business as if you’re already there.  As women, we need to think and say, “I am the CEO of my own business” and not be afraid to say that. This thought needs to be the spiritual empowerment that is the foundation for the purpose of an entrepreneur to find the problem and solve it. Your purpose needs to be more passionate than just making money. Continue reading “Clarity of Purpose with Successful Empowerment by Diane Norris — Week 21”

Improve Yourself, Improve Your Life – Week 20

Not many of us would say there aren’t things in ourselves or our lives that we’d change if we could. The great news is that change is absolutely possible. Change is a process, so expect to exercise a little patience as you go. We’ll talk about a few things you can do right away to empower and improve yourself, but having a focus and a clarity of purpose is vital. You can begin today to take some steps to improve yourself and thereby improve your life. It’s really about getting the slight edge to work for you. The slight edge is simple disciplines repeated over time working for you or against you. Are your daily actions or disciplines moving you towards your goal, or moving you away from it? Continue reading “Improve Yourself, Improve Your Life — Week 20”

Leadership Tips For Network Marketing Success – Week 19

What does financial freedom mean to you? For some people it means no credit card debt and not having to live paycheck to paycheck. For others it means time freedom and having money for vacations and travel. Other people want to send their kids to any college and have plenty of money for retirement. You already know what financial freedom would mean for you and your family. The question is…what have you done about it? What would you be willing to do to have this for you and your family? Have you got your plan of action in place and are you working it daily with a positive mental attitude? If you are, you’re doing great! If not, then take 2 minutes of your time and listen to a little of Tony’s video containing some great leadership tips. It’s longer than 2 minutes, but Tony shares some foundational points in the first 2 minutes such as, “faith and courage unused doesn’t grow.” Continue reading “Leadership Tips For Network Marketing Success — Week 19”