Critical Skills for Networkers

The 80/20 Rule

Everyone knows you must have skills to succeed in whatever job or career you’ve chosen for yourself. Why is it then when it comes to network marketing, most people think if they just talk to enough people and have the right attitude that it will somehow all work out?

The truth is…97% of networkers have the 80/20 rule completely backwards. Why is this the case? It’s because they lack the specific skills needed to succeed in their business.

Everybody knows 2 things about networking and business

1. If we are going to make some money, then we need to talk to people.

2. Every business owner knows if they’re going to succeed, they need to learn some skills.

What really happens is that unskilled networkers just struggle on as best they can, with or without the help of their up team. Then as time goes on, they may company-jump or blame their upline, downline, or sideline. They may even blame themselves or the people they “think” are prospects. But the truth is, they just lack the proper skills for this business.

The right people are everywhere

The simple truth is that the right people are everywhere. You just need to know what to say and what to do. You need the right skills. Everything can change for you if you learn some simple, rejection-free skills. By rejection-free, I mean for you and your prospect.

Time and income freedomIf you’re a networker, you also need to know what a prospect really is. If you’ve just got their name and number, that doesn’t make them a prospect. They might be just a “suspect” or a “possibility.” Save yourself the time and effort (not to mention disappointment) and only present your product, service, or opportunity to genuine prospects. But how do you know the difference? That is one of the skills.

Critical skills for networkers

Other skills include the “Most People” skill, the “Invisible Close” and the “Yes, No, not Maybe” skill. These are critical skills that every networker needs to know to have true success in their business. If you’re sick and tired of hype and overpriced systems that only the pros can make work, then take advantage of the Go90Grow free video series.

What makes Go90Grow so successful is that it focuses on the 3 big money-making skills in networking and shows you exactly what to say and what to do. It’s not for the gurus, it’s for average people that want to replace frustration and self-doubt with success and cashing checks.

Go90Grow ~ Free Video Series for All Networkers

To your success,

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