Define Success: What Are You Willing to Give Up? by Howard Kotliar

Success DefinedAsk any would-be home business entrepreneur if they want to succeed, and you’ll get a firm and definitive “yes.” But ask them what they’re willing to give up, sacrifice, suffer, accept, tolerate and forgo for that success – and you’ll get a wide range of responses. A few people even expect success to be automatic, instant, effortless.

These folks have what is known as “the lottery mentality.”

Some are willing to invest a little time and effort to get results, but won’t go beyond that, being satisfied with whatever they can achieve, or grumbling, “this wasn’t going to work anyway.”

A very small minority are able and willing to give it their all. They don’t know or accept any limits. They don’t settle for less than their ambitious goals. They are ready to do whatever it takes to reach them – because they want success so badly, it has become a true Burning Desire within them.

It’s good that they are so determined – because often, the most worthwhile accomplishments require a certain level of commitment to attain. You might be thinking, “For success, why do I have to give up something?” In being dirt honest and speaking from experience, you do have to give up some things if you are really committed to the level of success and lifestyle that only people with a true Burning Desire achieve. Is that you?

Is the success you seek a true Burning Desire or something you want to attain?

To begin to define success, I ask my Home Business coaching clients what are they willing to give up in order to achieve the level of success and lifestyle they want. They usually ask, “What do you mean?” I tell them that there is a very specific way, a system if you will, of achieving the level of success you want. It takes a definite set of success principles that must be practiced each and every single day, without exception. It is that level of commitment which will get you to the level of success you desire.

Here’s what I gave up to achieve the level of success I have now as I continue to strive for more:

  1. TV (Too much negativity going on there)
  2. 1 Hour of Sleep (I get up an hour earlier)
  3. My thoughts of doubt from my past
  4. My thoughts of lack from my past

DecideCommitSucceedOnce I made my decision to achieve the level of success and lifestyle I want, and gave up the above, success came to me quickly and easily. Now, those are relative terms. Once I started on my success path and principles, everything started to flow, like never before. It was because I would let nothing get in the way of of my Success. It was only until I truly committed like never before, was I able to flow into the lifestyle and success I always knew I would attain.

As many times as I tried before, now mind you – I really thought I tried hard too, success never came to the level I truly wanted. I let everything get in my way. Simply put…excuses. Excuses of my past and my “story” which gave me a badge to get sympathy, instead of a real kick in the butt, like I needed. Then one day, I said to myself, “I’ve had it…I will define the moment, I will not let the moment define me!”

Was Success Easy? Was it a cake-walk? Did things magically go right all the time? Was it always smooth sailing? Absolutely not!

Sunset Over VineyardAll along the path, there were obstacles to overcome. Some of them were major, many were minor. Yet, I was prepared…and ready. My readiness, was partly due to what I gave up and my daily success principles, and the other part was due to my determination and persistence to attain the lifestyle I truly desired.

The KEY is deciding and taking that first truly committed step. Once you scale that first small mountain and get a taste of what success feels like, scaling the next bigger mountain becomes easier. Then you flow to the next level of success and keep going to your ultimate way of life.

Please tell me your thoughts below. I welcome your comments!

To your long-term success,

Howard Kotliar

Note: If you would like my coaching to help you achieve the level of success you desire, visit my Coaching page. I am here to help you, guide you and bring you to the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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  1. Kathy, great pick on this one. Howard, great stuff. We cannot be reminded enough that the things we are giving up now will come back to us 2-fold. Also that it’s not going to be a cake-walk. I’m definitely giving up a lot of stuff that I’m finding really wasn’t that important to begin with to FINALLY pursue my DESIRES.

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