Use Your Imagination to Create Wealth by Kathy Zimmer

Why is it you keep thinking about the very thing you don’t want, even when you’re hugely motivated to manifest something new?

What you don’t want has affected you because you’ve experienced it in the past, pulled it into your present, and therefore it is foremost in your mind.

To create something new, you have to continually and purposefully pull away from what you don’t want in your mind and imagination. You must refrain from intending its continuation. Before something you intend can manifest, you have to discontinue manifesting what you don’t intend or want.

How come when you intend wealth, you’re still in debt?

Once something like debt, for instance, has manifested in your reality, it’s too late to un-create it. The more you observe debt (think, worry, or dwell on it), the more it is perpetuated. You need to refrain from observing your present circumstances. It’s impossible to focus your attention on the future (being prosperous), if you’re spending most your time observing your present reality (being in debt). Begin to use your God-given imagination and SEE yourself successful and prosperous, regardless of your present reality.

How do you stop observing your present reality? The way you stop observing and perpetuating the very thing you don’t want, is to observe and speak what you DO want.  When those negative, hopeless, or self-defeating thoughts of worry, fear or doubt start playing in your head, shut them down by pulling out your “definite major purpose” and declaring out loud what you DO want. Your definite major purpose is a hand-written statement of your true heart’s desire.  It’s clearly defined and written in present-tense with specific details, “on or before” dates for achievement, and charged with emotion.

Program your heart and mind for success.

Write out your “definite major purpose” and begin declaring it 3X a day. Declare it morning, noon and within one hour before bedtime so your subconscious mind can work on it through the night. This will build a blueprint for success in your heart and mind for the achievement of your definite major purpose. Your subconscious mind has NO defense against your words. It will accept whatever you say and faith will begin to rise up on the inside of you. You will begin to think and act differently because what you really believe always shows up in your actions (or inaction).

There is no such thing as observation without creation.

Observation is creative, so use it to create what you truly desire, rather than observing and perpetuating the very thing you’re trying to move away from. Your thoughts and words are seeds that will grow and create an image. How do they grow? In your imagination! Do everything you can to observe and declare what you INTEND because once those seeds grow and manifest, the power of that manifestation will drive you away from your present reality and drive you towards your future intention. Just as it takes some time for a natural seed to sprout and grow, it takes some time for this process as well. So mix in some faith and patience and use your imagination to see yourself successful or wealthy…because what you SEE…is what you’ll BE.

To your success,

Kathy Zimmer

P.S. If you haven’t yet found your “vehicle for success,” go here for Step #1: Step 1


Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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  1. Really GREAT post Kathy! You said it so eloquently, which makes is even easier to “hear” and hence, do. Thanks for the clarity.

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