6 Simple Strategies for Writing Blogs That Get Read

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one reading the posts on your blog? You know, the ones you spent a lot of time and effort on getting them just right? You’re even writing blogs to HELP people in some area, but most of the time, very few people are noticing what you’ve poured your heart into.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many bloggers feel the same way. There are some simple strategies you can use to make your blog posts a lot more interesting and engaging to your readers, which will motivate them to return for more.

First of all, make sure you have an option on your site so people can easily opt-in to receive your posts by email. A good service to use is Google FeedBurner. Set it up to have just a small portion of your post come to their inbox, then people will have a reason to click-thru to your blog to read more. (This drives traffic to your site instead of stopping at their inbox).

Give your target audience what they want

In other words, don’t answer questions that no one is asking or give information that no one wants to know. How do you find out what your target audience wants to know? Use Wordtracker to find the popular questions that people are asking in your market or niche and write about that. (A niche is a distinct segment of a market).

After you’ve determined what to write about, ask yourself what kind of a spin you could put on it to make it fresh and interesting to your readers. What kind of a different angle could you use? What do you want the tone of your post to be? (Funny, serious, friendly?) Next, choose one of the 6 simple strategies below to format your blog post to really engage your readers:

1. The List: People love numbers. So have a short introductory paragraph or two then launch into your list. A couple of examples would be, “5 Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business” or “7 Skills You Need to Succeed in Network Marketing.” Then provide the helpful list and a sentence or two to explain each item.

2. The Survey: (2 versions) #1 – Repeat the results of a study or survey. Set it up in a fresh and interesting way. #2 – Do you own mini-survey. Ask an interesting question, then answer it with three or four real-life examples. You can use Wordtracker to give you survey ideas that are relevant, interesting and helpful to your target audience.

3. The Trend: Repeat the results of a new (or relevant) trend that is happening in your market or niche. Write about the trend’s origins, benefits and any shortcomings or negatives (so you can show people how to avoid them). Example: “Social Media – A Help or a Hindrance To Networkers?”

4. The Interview: Interview an expert in your market and use a Q & A format to give your readers the best nuggets of their advice. The goal is to provide real value to your readers.

5. The How To: Write a short introductory paragraph, then show your readers step-by-step how to do something that will benefit them. Always keep the focus on your target audience or niche. You may want to offer resources in your post and provide the links.

6. The Knock-Down: Set up a premise and knock it down in your post. This may be something that is generally perceived by most people in your target market to be true or effective, but there is evidence that it’s not. An example: Many networkers think that social media alone will build their business when the real money earners KNOW that specific networking skills are needed to have true success. Offer a resource if it’s relevant. (Example: 12 Free Video Skill Tips for Networkers). Make sure you have a big positive at the end to either show your readers what to avoid, or lead them to something that will shorten their learning curve and bring them success faster.

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Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

2 thoughts on “6 Simple Strategies for Writing Blogs That Get Read”

  1. What a great blog Kathy! You’ve given extremely useful tips and put them in a format to demonstrate the subject matter. Perfect! Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  2. Kathy…..

    This should be required reading for anyone blogging.

    Just tremendously compact, spot on and helpful.

    The ‘set-up’ and knockdown in point 6 is extraordinary!

    So grateful you are my coach with this stuff….ended up with 3 last 3 blogs I wrote on page 1 of google, 2 in the #1 spot as a result of following your advice.

    Thank you so much, keep these nuggets coming….you are a short-cut to success.

    mark j

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