Law #1 The Law of Vision

Wealth is in the laws. If you follow the laws, you will find wealth. Law #1 from the 12 Laws of Success is the Law of Vision. Most people have no vision. Ninety-five percent of the population is either dead or broke by the age of 65. For without a vision, we perish. Only 5% of the population are doing well or extremely well financially at age 65.

What is the difference between the two groups? The 95% group shrinks their dreams to fit their income. Only 5% of the population find ways to expand or increase their income to make their dreams become a reality. Ninety-five percent of the people do not know what they want and they complain about what they have.

Design your life ~ don’t live it by default

You can decide today to design your life. Don’t live your life by default any longer. What is your vision? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to make a large annual income? How much do you want to earn and by what date? If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you want to do with your life? Write it down and be specific. Nothing is dynamic until it becomes specific. Start dreaming again using the Law of Vision. Do not allow your income or checking account to dictate how big your dreams should be. Do not allow small-minded or negative people around you decide your vision for you.

If you have no vision, the Law of Vision can’t work for you

Having a vision, any vision, is better than having no vision at all. Even if your vision is purely monetary at first, it still qualifies as a vision. Vision does reach beyond material dreams, it’s also about your life’s path. The first step is to get alone and search your heart. Write down the things you’ve held inside for a long time, but didn’t really consider because you didn’t think they’d work out for you anyway. Remember, your desire reveals your destiny. Write down your true desire, be specific, and let it be your vision.

(From the book, “First Steps to Wealth” by Dani Johnson)

Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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  1. Kathy this is a great post. It is very well written and truthful. Everyone would be successful if they followed your advice. Keep up the good work.

  2. The question, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” helped me a great deal back when I was trying to figure this all out… took away all the limitations to my thinking. Great post!

  3. Kathy

    Your style is great……the wording and depth of what you write is sensational……but it pales in comparison to the astonsishing content you pour out…..just superb.

    Just love….if you don’t have vision the Law of Vision won’t work…..brilliant.

    Keep the great content coming….and thanks for helpful hint after helpful hint….that really make a difference.

    mark j

  4. Thank you Kathy for the posts. As everyone acknowledges you do a great job. Your posts are well written and an inspiration to all that take the time to read them.

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