14th Most FAQ by Networkers: “Does Social Media Work for Network Marketing?” by Mark J


I’m going to make it hotter…..

The prevailing attitude about social media is ‘gotta have it to survive’ and I’m not going to debate that one way or the other.

Everybody seems to want to jump on this bandwagon.

People who want real network marketing help will love what they read next……people who want excuses to not do the real work will hate what they read next.

Social media is a nice arrow to have in your quiver but…..for most people who want to build a big business and for people who have built big businesses……it’s a distraction and built-in excuse maker.


Social Networking is a way to BS ourselves into believing we are building a business.

Sorry folks, that’s just the way it is.  We all do it and BS ourselves, until we don’t put first things first.

Is social media important?


Will it build your business?



People who build organizations, like Success Coach Kathy Zimmer, understand it is net-WORK-marketing……. it is not:

  • Net-point’n’click Marketing
  • Net-FB Marketing
  • Net-email Marketing

Is Conversation a Lost Art?

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

Lot’s of them.

There are 3 critical areas that drive checks….. getting people to look at what you have, getting them to show up for the follow-up and helping the ones who enroll to do better……new people are looking at you for leadership tips, so they can cash checks.

This requires skill, network marketing skill…. so we can learn how to talk to more people effectively.

The ‘safe haven’ is created by the hours and hours people pour into it social networking.

Network Marketing?  It’s work…..which is why I say, again, a Social Media primary focus ….for most networkers…..is haven for excuses and kidding ourselves…….so we can ‘pretend’ we are working……but not doing ANY of the work that will drive organizations or paychecks.

Talking to people, on the phone or face to face is the work part…..generating 2000 friends on FB is not work…….only excuse makers and slackers will object to this.


Ever Hope They Won’t Answer?

People are afraid of rejection, they don’t like it, no one does…..so FB and Twitter lets us pretend we are building a list of prospects.

So what?

You still gotta talk to them….but it does get worse.


There are tons and tons of people who will try to make us feel like we are missing the boat…..and people are making $1000s of bucks in their MLM deal with social media…….

So for those of us who have phone-fear……this stuff sounds pretty good.

They make money by leveraging our fear or inexperience so we don’t have to face it!

My destiny changed when someone asked me, How long are you going to let your fear prevent you from doing what needs to be done to succeed?”


I am not opposed at all to social media…..I do both.

Simply schedule your success.

  1. Keep 1st things 1st – talk to people
  2. Learn the network marketing skills that will make you effective
  3. Decide how many live contacts you’ll make daily
  4. Do it first
  5. Do social media stuff after 9 PM
  6. Limit FB & Twitter to 20 minutes
  • Yes, I do mine in 12 minutes a day, some very cool free tools out there.


It’s all about personal responsibility and common sense…..

COMMON SENSE: if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people, do that first…..get good at it……because even if/when you find people with social media like I do…..you still gotta talk to them to create transactions.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Is your social media stuff really producing results you can take to the bank today….or is it helping you avoid the 1 thing we must do to make money in networking.  This is the tough question we all have to ask ourselves.


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Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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