Network Marketing Tips with Positive Daily Affirmations by Josh Tuttle – Week 22

Starting a new project can be exciting but also a little overwhelming. This is a common experience with new people in network marketing. Suddenly they are challenged to get out of their comfort zones and step into the unknown to achieve their objectives. Often another issue arises as well in the results because of inconsistencies in a persons mind regarding building their business or making money. They begin to sabotage their results because of the programming in their subconscious mind. It’s time to address these predicaments that new network marketers face.

A frequent topic that I have covered throughout this blog is the importance and power of thought. The master key system states, “the fact remains that if your thoughts are powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business, and your environment.” People join network marketing for several reasons but they all come back to making positive change in their life or someone else’s and both. This simply cannot be achieved if the person is sabotaging their results from old subconscious programming. So how do you get past this pattern of sabotage?

Positive daily affirmations are the key to overcoming the blocks in our mind and are foundational in freeing your mind of conflict. As you choose thoughts that are focused on achieving a desired result, it will create changes within you to act in a way to get what you want. Your thoughts are foundational to everything and they must be a priority in any endeavor. Affirmations that are practiced daily and multiple times a day are rooted into the subconscious mind and the desired results are revealed in our outside world. We began this practice in the first weeks of the class by defining our definite major purpose and then affirming it several times a day.

Now that we are clear on handling the foundational change to overcoming this self sabotage, the next key is to become skilled. Network marketing requires skills just as any other profession and they must be learned and practiced. As Mark J. has imparted his wisdom, there is one phrase that he repeats often and it’s because of its value and truth. He says “successful people simply do the things unsuccessful people make a conscious decision not to do.” Is it any wonder why new years resolutions don’t make it past the first month of the new year? Those who go to church and go to the gym aren’t really the one’s that need to be there. The same thing applies in network marketing. Fortunately, Mark J. has taught us networking tips and skills that are easily learned. The only thing standing in the way of becoming successful with these skills is to practice and apply them once they are learned. He has been generous enough to provide many of these skills for free.

Hopefully you found great value in this post and have learned something of value. This means nothing, however, if it is not applied. So begin now to learn new skills by clicking on the link above and visiting Mark’s site. If you want change and success, you must make the conscious decision to do what the unsuccessful won’t do.

Josh Tuttle

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  1. I think you’re exactly right Josh, on the results of positive thoughts and affirmations. Sometimes though, I believe those unsuccessful people aren’t even aware that they’re making decisions “not” to do what successful people do. They simply haven’t learned what we’ve been taught in this 26 week course and so it’s almost out duty to share this with others! It will benefit humankind if we do.

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