Belief, Skill, and Action – Week 18

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of these 3 key elements of success. I want to briefly talk about the first two, then focus on the third element, which is action. Maybe you’ve worked on yourself regarding the first two, but if you’re not taking action, you won’t get very far. If you’re not moving forward in your business, then one or more of these elements need to be addressed.

It all starts with a decision. Make a decision now that you won’t accept mediocrity, debt, lack or whatever else you want less of in your life. Og Mandino, in his masterpiece, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” said in Scroll I to “decide today to begin a new life.” This can be done in a moment. It really IS up to you. Let the old negative way of thinking and failures of the past, stay in the past. Do not underestimate the power in making a firm decision and declaring that things WILL be different in your life.

Belief is the first element of success. If you believe you can, you can. If you’re lacking in that area, don’t let that keep you from making a decision and moving forward. You will need to work on this area, though. To have a mindset or an internal blueprint that is programmed for success is vital because that will dictate your actions. Two books that I would highly recommend to grow in this area would be Og’s book as well as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Skill is the next element that is vital to success. Skills are needed to be successful in any business. Network marketing is no different. This is the formula:

Learn some skills = make money

No skills = struggle and make little or no money

None of this is rocket science. Just learn a few skills and get into action. You don’t have to wait until you are an expert. In fact, you won’t be an expert if you’re not doing the 2-step plan. Learn a skill, then apply it. Learn a skill, then apply it. Repeat this process over and over until your skill level increases. In other words, beat your craft. If you need some skills, click on the “Skills” tab above.

The last element is action. You’ll need to put forth some effort because wealth is a product of labor. Conrad Hilton said, “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” In a similar quote, Napoleon Hill said, “Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action.”

If you’re not taking action consistently, it’s easy for negativity, doubt, frustration, confusion, procrastination, indecision, excuses, and apathy to set in. The cure for that is to make a solid decision to take consistent action. Get into motion. Make a plan, and work your plan. You started your business for a reason and you won’t feel fulfilled or productive until you take action and accomplish something. Don’t waste anymore time analyzing things or making excuses. Take action today!

To your success,


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Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

10 thoughts on “Belief, Skill, and Action – Week 18”

  1. Hello Kathy,
    Thank you I much appreciated this post, it really is a timely reminder. Even in this MasterKeyMMA course where we are learning so many skills unless we put these skills into actions; there will be no movement.

    Let the journey forever be unfolding.
    Damian McVeigh

  2. It seems so often to be the last element of the success formula that people leave out including myself at times. A dog in the hunt doesn’t know that he has fleas. So if we are taking consistent action as you said we are not held hostage to our negative thoughts, disappointments, and fears. Great Post!

  3. So true Kathy, some people think that just doing “more” of the same old thing will get them different results when in fact they have to learn some new skills to get ahead.

    Nancy DelRossi

  4. Hi Kathy

    Action is the key to all things in life. By taking action we are assured that we are moving and not standing still – which is decaying. Thanks for the wonderful post.


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