No More Dog and Pony Shows – Week 17

In working your network marketing business, and doing it successfully, this is one of the skills you’re going to need to pay close attention to. If you learn this skill, it will save you many hours of frustration and wasted time in your business.

What is this skill? It’s learning how to properly identify and qualify prospects. Most people in network marketing think that prospects are people whose name and number you have. A person is not a prospect unless they have a reason and they want to do something about it. If there is no reason, they are either a suspect or a possibility. If you’re going to be presenting your business to suspects and possibilities, then go ahead and put on a colorful little hat, ’cause you’re about to do a dog and pony show for the entertainment of the person you think is a prospect.

Your job is to properly discern the prospects in a pile of suspects and possibilities. You’re not in the selling business, you’re in the sorting business. Suspects are people whose name and number you have. Possibilities are people who have agreed to look at your business. Don’t get excited yet. You need to upgrade your possibilities to prospects (if possible) before you present your business to them using a tool.

To upgrade possibilities to prospects, you need to present them with a short series of simple ‘up front contracts’ (UFC’s). UFC’s are pure magic. They either upgrade a possibility to a prospect, or the person remains a possibility and YOU move on.

One important UFC to begin with is a ‘button down contract’ or commitment from the person to show up for the appointment. Don’t leave things loose here. Have them write down the appointment and tell them, “to insure a short and successful meeting, is there any chance you might need to cancel or change the appointment? If so, I’d like to take care of that now as I run on a tight schedule and, like you, I appreciate the value of someone’s time.”

Another UFC to help insure they keep the appointment is to give them a simple homework assignment. Say something like, “to optimize our time together, let me ask you to write down what you would do with an extra $1,500 – $3,000 a month if you knew that money would be coming in every month.” Also ask them what their decision making process is (i.e. if they need to get their spouse’s okay, etc.) This UFC is designed to get them to keep the appointment by putting some thought into it.

Another important UFC is to lay down “ground rules” prior to the presentation. If the person who is still just a possibility is not willing to give you a simple YES or NO after they’ve seen the presentation, and mutually agree upon this, then you don’t move forward. It’s not acceptable for them to say maybe, or let me think about it, or otherwise blow smoke in your direction. Let them know you’ll be looking for either a yes or a no after they view or listen to the presentation. (This also serves as a kind of “take away” because if they say no they already know you’re moving on.)

Now you know that you should present your business to prospects only. Prospects are the only ones willing to do the simple UFC’s that you present to them. Some possibilities can be upgraded to prospects, and some cannot. Learn to properly qualify prospects and you won’t be doing any “dog and pony shows” for the entertainment and amusement of suspects and possibilities.

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Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

13 thoughts on “No More Dog and Pony Shows – Week 17”

  1. That was wonderful Kathy. You helped me clear up the steps to do BEFORE I present my business to people. No more dog and pony show for me. That’s a great dog and pony picture by the way. 😀

  2. Great blog Kathy and I LOVE the horse and pony picture. As usual, you nailed the high points on having a successful business in network marketing and made the UFC seem like part of a normal conversation. Thanks for the post.

  3. Kathy, this is really a great post. I had read it before but had not commented. “Skill is the main thing. Keeping the main thing the main thing”.

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