“What a Relief” by Ken Stults – Week 14

I know that I need to share this, but also know that sharing this puts me in a very vulnerable position.

My networking business is relatively new, and so it doesn’t bring in much income as yet (but that IS changing!!).  My JOB (remember that stands for “Just Over Broke”) is commission-based.  Well, in December I received the lowest commission checks that I have EVER received.  My check on the first of the month wasn’t even enough to pay my mortgage, let alone my other obligations.

Oh man!  When I saw the notice about this check, my heart plummeted.  Immediately, the Old Blueprint sprang to the surface along with horrible thoughts of failure.  You know the thoughts: “I am a failure, I am letting down my family, God, how could you let this happen? Not at Christmas!”  Any of these a part of your “Blueprint,” i.e., your standard way of thinking?  My stomach began to knot.  I was on my way to despair!

And then, I remembered something amazing!  I remembered the “Law of Substitution” which says that the mind can only consciously think of one thing at a time.  Just to illustrate: do NOT think about the Statue of Liberty.  What are you thinking about?  I know, you’re thinking about that great Statue, aren’t you?  You can’t help it.  It’s part of how God has made us.  But if you discipline yourself to think about a beautiful palm tree swaying in a wonderfully warm breeze as the sun sets over the ocean in the background…whamo…the Statue of Liberty is gone from of your mind.

So…instead of wallowing in despair, I determined to focus on my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and my Press Release I focused on how I now KNOW that my DMP is a reality that I am walking into.  What a relief!  The despair vanished like a morning fog as the sun’s rays dispel that cold mist.  I had joy.  I had peace.  My faith was reactivated and I knew that God was faithfully providing for me.

I am SO grateful to have this tool available to me…what a game-changer!

(Note by Kathy: For more information on your internal blueprint, refer to the post from week 4).

Author: Kathy Zimmer

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