Common Sense Isn’t So Common – Week 9

This week I’d like to talk about some key elements that can be easily overlooked when one is trying to build their network marketing business successfully. There are some simple things that are really just a matter of common sense that will save you a lot of time and effort if you are mindful of these elements.

You’ve heard these before, but I’m asking you to thoughtfully consider them again. Sometimes, when our business isn’t growing, we tend to look for that next tip or strategy that will make all the difference when all we really need to do is go back to the basics. Skill strategies can be extremely helpful, but they work best when you already have some foundational elements in place.

The first element is focus . . . are you daily working on the plan of action you have established for yourself? If you’ve decided to work your business from 9am to 12 noon everyday, five days a week, do you show up each and every day consistently? Do you plan your work and work your plan? Would you hire you?

Then there is persistence. Persistence can go a long way and can fill in the blanks where skill is initially lacking if persistence is correctly applied. I say correctly because to increase your business, persistence works best when applied to income producing activities, which is talking to people, if you’re in network marketing. Ordering business cards, sending emails, Twitter and blogging are not income producing activities unless you blog for the Huffington Post or TechCrunch. Ask yourself a few key questions . . . do you do your best with the knowledge and skill that you currently have? Do you endeavor to increase your skill on a regular basis with additional training? Or do you allow distractions to get you off course and then take a week or two to get back on track?

Well, enough ranting . . . you get the idea. If you’re mindful of the above, then maybe you are on the right track and you just need to dig in a little deeper, have some more posture, sharpen your focus, and just continue to increase your skill. If you can honestly say that you’ve been treating your business more like a hobby then a business, then do a little soul searching to figure out why. Then just reorganize and start fresh. An hour or two should do it. Don’t spend a month or a year on this. Either your network marketing business means something to you or it doesn’t . . . it’s your choice. If you found out tomorrow that you couldn’t do your network marketing business or any network marketing business and you had to go get a job, what would you do? How would it make you feel? Don’t take it for granted. It can be a vehicle to change your life and the lives of those around you. Time passes all too quickly . . . live your life with courage and make your dreams a reality.

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Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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  1. Great post Kathy! All too often we suffer the self-delusion the ‘make work stuff’ is really going to help build our business. I like to refer to that as the ‘slave labor wage’ activity. We have to make the calls, coach and teach methodically. Again, thank you for sharing!

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