Your Dream Board – Week 8

If you’re like most of us, you have certain goals or dreams that are important to you. No doubt you’ve written these down in various forms over the years. Have you ever taken the time to create a visual of some of the more important goals you hope to accomplish? A dream board is a great way to have your goals or dreams before you where you’ll see them every day.

Dream Board

I want to mention a few key elements that should be placed on your board. The first element is a compass of some sort. Either a picture of a compass, or an actual one will do. The reason for the compass is to remind you to stay on course. It’s not about keeping track of time . . . or clock watching, if you will. If you’ve written out your Definite Major Purpose, Personal Pivotal Needs, and OATS (see previous posts), then the compass on your dream board is to remind you that you’re headed toward your clearly defined goals. It’s a directional thing, rather than a case of “what time is it” various times throughout the day.

For myself, I found that the whole idea of heading in the direction of my goals freed me up mentally because I, like most people, tend to sort and schedule my day based on the clock. Time is important, of course, but focusing on the success actions you need to do and heading in the direction of your goals, is much more productive. It created a shift in my thinking. I found that I had more time because I became more organized and focused than ever before. Maybe I’ll put a laser on the board right next to the compass because being laser-focused sounds even better!

Another element you should put on your dream board are the four shapes and four colors as seen in the sample. It doesn’t matter which shape is which color. The important thing is that they serve a specific purpose. You will begin to notice these four colors and shapes out and about as you go about your business. This will serve as a subconscious reminder of your goals or dreams. I began to notice a few blue billboards we have around town. I thought of what was written in my blue rectangle instead of what was on the billboard. Also, within each shape, write down one or more of your goals and date it.

Always remember that you do have success and greatness within you. Don’t let the daily cares of life steal your dreams from you bit by bit. Bring them to life once again with your dream board. If you haven’t written out your ‘Definite Major Purpose’ yet, you might want to read the post entitled, “Your DMP & OATS.” It will be invaluable to you if you want to accomplish something, to clearly define it and make it authentically yours.

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Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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  1. Wow, awesome insight Kathy. You are so right daily cares can eat away at our dreams if we let them! Your dream board looks great. 😀

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