Don’t Struggle … Just Program Yourself For Success – Week 5

Most of us really want to be successful, but try as we may, success seems to be more or less a constant struggle in spite of written goals and the implementation of daily action steps. To the outside world, others may not really be aware of the struggle you’re going through that largely takes place in your own heart and mind.

This internal struggle or resistance may have been going on for quite some time. No matter what you try, the results come out pretty much the same. But things can really change for you and you can actually have the success you truly desire. It will take some effort on your part, but it’s definitely not a difficult thing to accomplish.

I don’t want to get technical here, I’ll let the two videos posted below do that for me, but it is possible to change your mind and the way you think that will lead you to the success you desire. In other words, you will be programming yourself for success, rather than continuing to struggle.

We have cells in our bodies that may be addicted to certain emotions that we have repeatedly subjected them to over time. Emotions such as anger, frustration, apathy, confusion, negativity, self-pity, etc. Every time you experience an emotion, peptides are released into the body, enter the bloodstream and are picked up by receptors which every cell in the body has. The cells can become addicted to getting these certain “emotion” peptides on a daily basis. For instance, if you’re prone to letting yourself become annoyed on a consistent basis, your cells are looking for their daily “fix.” Your cells crave those peptides designated “annoyance.” At some point during the day (or night) you’ll most likely end up in one or more situations that are annoying to you.

You are, however, able create a new “internal blueprint” using interruptions, i.e. positive statements about yourself and your goals spoken out-loud and with emotion several times throughout the day. Put your statements in the present tense as if they have already come to fruition. They are seeds that will begin to create in you a new way of thinking and acting. Different peptides will begin to be released and a new neuro-net will form.

Think of it as a farmer tending his garden. New seeds have been planted, and now they need to be nurtured. With consistent care, they will grow and new plants will sprout and mature. You too can plant new seeds in your life. It’s done by the spoken word. Your subconscious will obey what you sow into it, good or bad. A great place to start is by defining your DMP. In addition, pick up a copy of the book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. It contains Scrolls that you read 3X per day for 30 days each (one at a time). This begins the process of “programming yourself for success” by planting success seeds in your heart and mind. Give it time to work. It will feel like nothing is happening at first. The new seeds you’ve planted need time to grow. Just be consistent and you will definitely see results. The two videos below explain the process of creating a new neuro-net.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Author: Kathy Zimmer

I'm a Success Coach and anti-hunger advocate for children. I love travel, photography and helping others succeed. Health and wellness, and the creation of wealth are favorite pastimes of mine.

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  1. So interesting how we live our lives in mediocrity until we learn how to re-program the positive or good thoughts & change the bad habits. Living is so much more enjoyable & productive. In such a short time we’ve learned so much!!! Reminds me of “As A Man Thinks, So He Is.”

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